Dormitory Living

ABC housing options fit your style. Find lifelong friends in our comfortable and healthy living spaces.

Our staff guides you in developing high standards of conduct, scholarship, and social skills, as well as the capacity to live harmoniously with others. ABC has physically and organizationally restructured our Campus Housing components. This included the restructuring of campus policies and procedures beginning with processes for applying for campus housing through procedures for preregistering for housing. This will avoid students arriving and expecting housing without having registered officially with the Business Office.

Our efforts have created a new campus-housing environment. It is where students can expect a clean, safe and respectful community that allows them to reach their full potential.

Semester Breaks

ABC dormitory occupancy includes Christmas recess. If you are preregistered for the spring semester, it includes spring break. Rates subject to change. Rates are set and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Room Reservation Fee

$125 non-refundable housing fee is required of all students who apply for housing. The contractual fee reserves an on-campus housing space for the upcoming semester.

Meal Plan

The meal plan will be mandatory for all students living in campus housing. The meal plans will be $1,000 per semester. The selected plan will be added to each student’s account, who is living in campus housing. Any student on a meal plan can purchase unlimited meals on any given day. However, please keep in mind that this amount has been established to cover your meal expenses for the entire semester. If a student absorbs his/her meal plan funds, prior to the end of a semester, then ABC would add to the student’s account an amount to be determine by the student. All meal funds will be included in the student’s balance for the semester.

For off-campus students a meal plan is not mandatory, but students will be glad to know that if when dashing to class and one is strapped for cash and hungry, there's money on a meal plan that allows them to grab a bite.