The Department of Campus Operations, Facilities, & Security at American Baptist College, in conjunction with the Information Technology (I.T.) Services Division, maintains a request portal system through MaintainX. MaintainX is a portal system that will create, alert, inform, update, and track the completion of all facilities, maintenance, and I.T.-related requests across the campus.

Building Maintenance & I.T. Support Request Portal

You can click the request button or scan the QR code to report any of the following issues:

Janitorial Services
Heating/Cooling (HVAC)
Safety Complaints/Issues
Signage Request
Classroom Setup
Lost Keys or Access Cards
Inventory Control
ABC Shuttle Services
WiFi/Internet Connection Issues

MaintainX Training Module

This module will provide you with an overview of the various functionalities of MaintainX and can serve as a reference guide for all portal users.

As a Requestor, you are able to enter new requests, or Work Orders, into the system queue for processing. As each request is completed, the requestor can stay up-to-date on the progress of the approved work order.

QRCodes:  As part of the MaintainX Implementation, QR Codes have been assigned in every room throughout all main buildings across campus. Requestors can scan the QR Code using their mobile smartphone device at the building/location where the issue occurred, and further define the problem to be resolved within the ticket. The QR Codes are designed to give quicker and easier access to the MaintainX Requestor Portal website.

The more details that are provided in the portal will assist the Campus Operations team with location information for faster resolution and will allow outside contractors to better diagnose issues before they arrive on-site to conduct their repair work.


To thoroughly familiarize yourselves with MaintainX, you are strongly encouraged to watch the following media:

“This is MaintainX”

“How Requests Work on MaintainX”

“Completing a Work Order on Mobile”


For further support and inquiries regarding MaintainX, please contact:

Telephone: 855-751-0075