The Title III Program began as part of the 1965 Higher Education Act. Over the years Title III funding has been an integral part of providing necessary academic services to HBCU's. Without these funds most of our colleges and universities would not be able to address the needs of students

What are Title III Sponsored Programs?

Title III is a federal program that supports the development and academic progress of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Title III funds are used to purchase computers and software supplies, instructional supplies, faculty and staff development and contractual services.

What Academic Activities are Supported with Title III Funds at American Baptist College?

    • Academic Advising Program
    • Mentorship (Cohort Leadership Program)
    • First-Year Experience Program
    • Work to Learn Program


Each student is assigned an advisor upon admission who will assist them with registration. Placement tests — English, Computer, and Bible–are given to students, and faculty advisors assist students in planning their academic program of study. Students should also feel free to consult their academic advisor on matters relating to academic progress and /or personal welfare. The faculty is also involved in providing academic support. Our low student to faculty ration of 14:1 ensures that most classes are small and that individual attention is available.

For more information about Title III sponsored academic programs, contact Demetria McCroskey by email at or by phone at 615-687-6890.

The American Baptist College Title IIIB Newsletter will be published quarterly.

Winter 2023 Issue