Welcome to American Baptist College!

American Baptist College is affectionately called “The Holy Hill.” According to a national data-based survey conducted by the U. S. Department of Education that included all colleges and universities in the country, American Baptist College is listed as the best bargain for the most affordable collegiate education you can receive in Tennessee. So welcome to the best bargain for higher education in town!

All of the College’s resources, the entire faculty and staff are dedicated to providing students with the best education possible. American Baptist College is challenging enough to help students become their best selves yet, small enough to care about and address each student’s learning style. We want every student who walks into an ABC classroom to have the best educational experience possible. We are constantly assessing the work that we do as a college, but we never stop imagining how we can do a better job serving our students. The commitment is not only my commitment, but the commitment of the Board of Trustees, administration, staff and faculty to transparency and our standard of excellence. I share some key planning documents created and vetted throughout the campus that show where the college sees itself headed in the future.

As you can see, we are committed here on “The Holy Hill” to doing our best to help our students achieve the goal of becoming the kind of moral thinkers and leaders needed for today and tomorrow.

Now, let me step from around the desk and ask the student who is praying and thinking about attending American Baptist College: Are you ready to go to work? I know your answer is a resounding “yes” or else you would not have signed up to join us here at American Baptist College. What you will notice is that all around you there are people who have also said “yes” to the mission of educating you for social justice leadership and Christian service in the world.

The door of the President’s office is open to each student to set a time to talk about how things are going during the course of the semester. “Education plus character” is the way Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. defined education. Let us make this kind of education real at American Baptist College.

Light a flame that lasts forever!

Dr. Forrest E. Harris,

Senior Leadership

Board of Trustees

Rev. Dr. Don Darius Butler

First Missionary Baptist Church
Huntsville, Alabama

Dr. Karen Brown Dunlap

President Emerita, Author, Educator, Lecturer
St. Petersburg, Florida

Rev. Dr. Tellis J. Chapman

Galilee Baptist Church
Detroit, Michigan

Bishop Lawrence Kirby

St. Paul Baptist Church
Racine, Wisconsin

Mr. Dennie Marshall, Chair

Regions Mortgage
Nashville, Tennessee

Mr. James A. Crumlin, Jr., Vice Chair

Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC
Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Iva Carruthers

Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference
Chicago, Illinois

Rev. Dr. Darrell Drumwright

Senior Pastor
Temple Baptist Church
Nashville, Tennessee

Rev. Diane Ford Dessables

Relations Associate
Senior National Church
Silver Springs, Maryland

Ms. Linda Rose, Esq.

Rose Immigration Law Firm
Nashville, Tennessee

Mr. Webb Campbell

Sherrard & Roe, PLC
Nashville, Tennessee

Ms. Donnetta S. Butler

Financial Consultant
Nashville, Tennessee

Rev. Dr. Derrick L. Jackson

Director, Sunday School Publishing Board
First Baptist Church of Gallatin

Mrs. Dorothy Berry

Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner
Tennessee Department of Human Resources
Nashville, Tennessee

Mr. Bill King

The Bill and Robin King Foundation
Nashville, Tennessee

Mr. Don Hardin

President & Chief Executive Officer
The Don Hardin Group.
Nashville, Tennessee

Rev. Brenous Mitchell

Senior Pastor
Mount Gilead Baptist Church
Nashville, Tennessee