Our Mission Statement

To provide ABC students, faculty, staff, administration, and visitors a safe and secure learning and working environment by focusing on customer service, best safety practices, and professional development.


The Office of Campus Operations, Facilities, & Security is responsible for: 

    • Campus Security and Safety Issues
    • Disaster Preparedness
    • Fire Life Safety and Protection
    • COVID-19 Screening Operations
    • Environmental Safety and Regulatory Compliance
    • OSHA Compliance Oversight
    • Escorting Students and Staff
    • Information, Directions,  Maps, and Campus Services
    • Identification Card Issuance 
    • Dispatch of Campus Safety Officers
    • Parking Permits
    • Lost and Found
    • Building Maintenance and Renovation Oversight
    • Groundskeeping


A primary objective of our office is making the campus a secure place for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to learn, work, and live. We maintain a working relationship with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department to achieve this, and also have personnel on-site to address immediate needs. ABC campus security officers do not possess police powers as outlined in the Tennessee Penal Code for law enforcement, but do have the authority to issue citations for parking violations and to request identification and additional information from persons wishing to enter the campus.

See the menu below for more campus security measures:

ABC Safety and Security Functions

Campus Security Officers do not possess police authority but work closely with the MNPD in performing these functions:

    • Assist with conducting investigations into criminal activity and egregious violations of college policy involving students, staff or campus visitors.
    • Clery Act Compliance and Reporting
    • First Responder to medical emergencies and emergency alarms
    • Parking and traffic control
    • Building access control
    • Special Requests:  vehicle lockouts, jump starts, escort service.
    • Assist Residence Life (room searches, fire drills)
    • Emergency Preparedness Planning
    • 24 hour patrol of ABC property and buildings/enforce trespass laws

Campus Parking

    • All vehicles must have a parking permit clearly displayed on the inside of the vehicle’s rear view mirror.
    • Vehicles without a parking permit are subject to citation or tow. A courtesy notice will be issued prior to any official citation.
    • Citations will be issued to students for violation of ABC parking regulations and must be paid before any hold is removed from the student’s account.
    • Parking along a red curb, in or along a fire lane, stopping in or parking in a designated handicapped space without a permit, and parking in a restricted or reserved area are the most common violations.
    • Failure to adhere to, or continued violation of the campus vehicle parking code will result in loss of parking privileges on campus

Designated Parking

Commuter Students

Parking available in main street-facing parking lot (Lot A) in the front of the campus.


Residential Students

Parking available in “Lot B” near Griggs Halls, 

Parking Lot B is restricted to students ONLY from 6 PM to 8 AM, Monday through Friday.



Parking available in main street-facing parking lot (Lot A) in the front of the campus; except where reserved parking spots for Senior Leadership and ADA parking are identified.



All Visitors must park in “Parking Lot A” after verification stop at the Security Booth at main entrance.

Vehicles with ABC permits may not park in Visitor Only spaces (will be marked with signs)

Loss Prevention Tips

Here are some tips to prevent loss of property:

    • Mark all electronics and valuables (etching, indelible marker)
    • Record all serial and model numbers
    • Install a tracking system on computers (ask for assistance from I.T. Services)
    • Lock your valuables up
    • Install a computer cable lock and keep it locked down
    • Lock your room up, do not depend on others
    • Report unknown persons and allow no one to tailgate into a Residence Hall or Office Building
    • Do not leave valuables visible in a vehicle
    • Report missing items immediately
    • Photocopy all your personal documents in your purse or wallet and keep the photocopy in a safe place
    • Report lost ID card immediately
    • Do not leave your room, even for a moment, unless it is locked

More questions?

Contact Keaton C. Walkine
Director of Campus Operations & Facilities
Flakes Administration Bldg., Room 201

Office: 615-687-6926

Email: campusoperations@abcnash.edu

Security Guard Booth

In case you encounter difficulties when entering the campus or need to contact the guard after regular business hours, the security booth should be your primary contact.

Phone: 615-687-6927

View our Annual Security & Fire Reports here.