American Baptist College will be hosting its 63rd Annual Garnett-Nabrit Lectures, beginning Sunday, March 21 through Tuesday, March 23, all virtual. This event continues a long tradition of gathering to uplift, uphold and provide significant contributions to the university and the church by bridging academic theology with justice activism and ecclesia praxis.

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Event Schedule

Sunday, March 21

10:00 AM — Morning Worship

5:00 PM — ABC Day Rally Webinar, Dr. Derrick Jackson  


Monday March 22

10:00 AM — Theological Imagination, Dr. Marvin McMickle

12:15 PM  — Assessment Tools: Empowering Congregations, Brianna Parker

2:00 PM — Theological Imagination: Empowering Congregations, Dr. Forrest Harris and Panel

3:45 PM —Theological Imagination: Empowering Congregations
Cultural Expression: A Conversation With Christophe Ringer


Tuesday March 23 

10:00 AM — Plenary: Ministry Praxis, Andrew & Gabby Wilkes

12:15 AM — Empowering Congregations, Sandra Barnes

2:00 PM — Leadership: Empowering Congregations, Marvin Mcmickle

3:15 PM — Ministry Praxis: Empowering Congregations, Chuck Indigo Vahisha Hasan, Rahim Buford and Lindsay Krinks,


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