It is appropriate and honorable we continue to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday and his contributions to this nation and world. As we celebrate with “A Day On—Not a Day Off,” we reflect on his many contributions and gains that were made from his sacrifice, as well as what we must continue.

In honoring Dr. King, we also recognize the 60th anniversary of the Nashville Student Sit-In Movement and the sacrifices made by those great warriors of change. Those valiant and courageous students included many from American Baptist College; Congressman John Lewis, Rev. Dr. C. T. Vivian and Dr. Bernard Lafayette, among many others. These students believed any form of injustice unaddressed potentially harms the entire human community. Their ABC foundation taught them that any injustice would hinder the mission of the College of educating students to be agents of a just society.

American Baptist College proudly honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and recognizes the 60th anniversary of the Nashville Sit-Ins and those ABC students, and others who were valiant change agents for the world.

– Dr. Forrest Harris