As part of the Ring the Bell project, honoring the celebration of the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, American Baptist College, recognizes women and men who participated in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s for those who fought for that right.

The late Rev. C. T. Vivian and Congressman John Lewis, both transitioned from this life on July 17, 2020, were stalwarts in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s. They fought for all people, especially Black people striving to gain full citizenship in this nation with social and political gains, such as, the right to vote. “I am proud to recognize so many people of color who have gained that right, including my great grandmother, grandmother and others in my family who were able to realize that feat,” said ABC President Dr. Forrest Harris.

Several faculty and staff members joined in on this event to Ring the Bell.

Others who joined in the Civil Rights struggle included the instructor, Rev. James Lawson, and others, Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Mr. James Bevel, and Rev. Lewis Scruggs, all from ABC, along with many others who helped to change the world. These included Jannetta Hayes, Delores Robinson, Pauline Knight, Marion Barry, Novella Page, Gloria McKissack, King Soloman, Frankie Henry, Rev. Andrew White and the ever bold, Diane Nash.

“Ring-the-bell- for our heritage and our future,” Harris added.