American Baptist College (ABC) and the Tennessee Tribune showcase signs with some of the names of African American men and women who have been killed by Police or Law Enforcement Vigilantes.

ABC has posted approximately 16 signs with the names of African American women and men who have been killed on the front lawn of the campus, facing Baptist World Center Drive. The sign project is an effort to bring awareness to these murders that will result in change from systemic racism.

American Baptist College president, Dr. Forrest E. Harris, Sr., said it is important to know our history and remember the names of these individuals who were murdered. “I ask you to remember these times so you can change things. Also research the times of the 60’s Civil Rights Movement, of which American Baptist College played a pivotal role in Nashville, and the world. Those names are significant as well. We must understand challenges and obstacles are always with us.”

President Harris said it is important to reflect on the many African American females and males whose lives have been brutally and tragically taken, so that we are moved to challenge the status quo and make a positive difference.

The Tennessee Tribune has also posted names of some of the victims in front of its office on Historic Jefferson Street. The individuals’ names are on a 48 X 96 inch banner with the listings of the cities where they were killed. The banner includes six names, including Andrew Hambrick and Jacques Clemmons of Nashville.

Tribune Publisher, Rosetta Perry said, “I want people to take pride in themselves, and as they drive past our building, be encouraged to “Say Their Names.” When they do that, then they will be encouraged to work for positive change, so that others will not be killed by police and those acting as though they have official authority to shoot and murder African Americans.”

American Baptist College has a strong history in Civil Rights, since its establishment in 1924, through the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s and now, in 2020. “AT ABC, We have posted the names as a remembrance. We want everyone to know….to see…and to remember to say their names.

George Floyd…Breonna Taylor…Ahmaud Arbery…Daniel Hambrick….Jocques Clemmons…David McAtee…Botham Jean…Philando Castille…Eric Garner…Quanice Hayes…Mike Brown…Sandra Bland…Freddie Gray…Tamir Rice.

Many believe the George Floyd murder by police in Minneapolis, with similar acts occurring countless times, has turned 8:36 seconds into an international movement. Say Their Names.

President Harris added, “There are more unknown victims, whose tragedies do not meet the public eye. So many incidents are invisible and unheard. We remember them and include each of them in our American Baptist College Circle of Love.”

Howard Jones, proprietor of Kingdom Cafe & Grill, also located on Historic Jefferson Street, plans a sign in front of his establishment as well. “Sometimes we have to have visible images to move us to action to change things for the good of all human kind. The shootings of our brothers and sisters, must end and it is up to us to stop it.”