ABC students continue the legacy of service and supporting a cause bigger than themselves. Just as during the 60’s, when many ABC students were involved in the Civil Rights Movement, students of today are also involved in service and social justice activities.

Leadership in social justice has been demonstrated by Mondai and Mondale Smiley, Chandler Sanders, Breon Cox, Kaylin Foster, and D’Angelo Johnson. These students were able to identify funds to provide service goods for families in need, especially during this holiday period. “This was our opportunity to do something for someone else and know it is a gift that truly helps,” said Mondale Smiley, a freshman from Detroit, Mich.

Professor William Green, who is working with the students on this project said, “Together these students are practicing the Irish Proverb ‘It is in the shelter of each other that people live.’”

Through their resourcefulness, the students were able to secure funds to purchase approximately $2,000.00 worth of food and goods to share with those who are in need.

ABC faculty members are striving to empower students by including social justice and service learning perspectives in their curriculum, as well as little commonplace moments of an ordinary day on campus to lift up others.

Richard Jackson, Executive Vice President said, “This is a representative project, supporting some basic needs that a person might have. Each of these essentials is central to survival and a better quality of life. We are extremely proud of our students for developing this project and reaching out to the administration for approval,” he added.

The little gestures of the commonplace build into a much bigger story. This is the message conveyed at ABC, commonly referred to as the Holy Hill, where the Flame continues to burn. It also incorporates collaboration with other local organizations, such as Streetworks, The First Response Center, The Good Samaritan House, The Cookery Restaurant and The Tabernacle of Glory Church.

“Principally, ABC is addressing hunger in Nashville. This willing service and generosity is another one of the heartfelt, social justice initiatives that happens deliberately and organically to reflect the culture of ABC,” said Professor Green.

The Professor further explained he hopes this project inspires students to develop similar ones in the future. He summarized it in this way, “The work of justice on the campus and community of ABC is best described by Tim Keller, ‘Justice is about repairing, fixing, and looking at what’s wrong and support, experiment, and execute out how to make it right.’ ”