Rev. David Kidd and his wife Pam, who have an Endowed Scholarship named in their honor, recently joined friends Clarice Rankins and Sam Garner to tour the campus.

When their scholarship was established by their son Brock, his wife Corinne, and sister Keri Cannon, the Kidds stated they wanted to tour the campus. That special event took place in early August, with President Forrest Harris conducting the tour.

“It was an honor to showcase our campus with our committed benefactors. The Kidds’ life legacy closely aligns with the mission of American Baptist College, and we are truly honored to have their support,” said President Harris.

The 54-acre campus is affectionately called “The Holy Hill” because of its location, set on a hill that backs up to the Cumberland River, in a pristine area in North Nashville on Baptist World Center Drive. The Kidds perceived the campus as a beautiful place for studying and reflecting on how to make positive changes in the world.

“We are grateful to our son Brock for connecting us with American Baptist College. We quickly developed an appreciation for this extraordinary institution, and fully intend to support its mission as we strive to help it grow,” said Rev. David Kidd.

Pam Kidd added, “When I stood in that basement room where those amazing young people gathered, knowing they were risking all, in their passionate commitment for justice, I felt I was standing on hallowed ground.”

The American Baptist College Rev. David and Pam Kidd Endowed Scholarship is continuing to grow since its establishment in December, and will provide funds for students in years to come. Our students will learn more about the life of Rev. David and Pam Kidd and appreciate their long-term commitment to AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe, their work with Spruce Street Baptist Church, their work against Apartheid, and their work in small Appalachian churches where they served to help communities.


Rev. David Kidd, President Forrest E Harris Sr, and Pam Kidd

For more information about the Rev. David and Pam Kidd Endowed Scholarship, please contact Dr. Phyllis Qualls at