Dear ABC Student,

I proudly commend and thank you for your courteous attitude in making such major adjustments in the wake of the unique coronavirus pandemic.  This situation has hit Nashville especially hard because we are also dealing with the aftermath of the March 3 tornado. 


Furthermore, I appreciate all of you wanting to help the tornado victims.  It speaks of your ABC commitment to humankind. You are agents of social change; you are leaders with a faith that is strong and unstoppable.


As of Tuesday, March 24, all of the ABC students have transferred to your various homes throughout the country, which are equally welcoming spaces, as you have here at ABC.  I pray for your safe travels and your pleasant experiences, while away from the “Holy Hill.”


I know you will complete your assignments for the Spring Semester, through different modes of instruction.  As communicated by the Senior Leadership Team, if you have any challenges, please contact your advisor, faculty or student success.


I hope your early spring break, as well as your summer break, allow you to show off your studious acumen and brilliance, which further reveals your impeccable character, which has been chiseled here at ABC. We eagerly welcome you back this fall, with renewed energy, ready to strengthen your steely resolve to do better and help to make ABC better and stronger.  Tell your story to your family, friends, co-workers, and pastor, and encourage potential students to join you here at ABC as fellow students. 


Please contact us during your break with your great stories, and of course, if you have any challenges, let us know.  We are here for you.


Yours in Grace,

Forrest E. Harris, Sr.