Dr. Forrest Harris, Sr., president of American Baptist College for 20 years, receives the prestigious Who’s Who Award from Dr. Bobby Jones,

Dr. Phyllis Qualls introduces Dr. Harris before receiving his award.

during the taping of the Dr. Bobby Jones Presents program on Sunday, Sept. 15. President Harris, thanked Dr. Jones for all his work in the world community throughout the years. “I am deeply honored to receive this award and appreciate the recognition you have bestowed upon

Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris are flanked by students at ABC in appreciation of the recognition of Dr. Harris.

me for this prestigious honor. It has been a privilege to serve American Baptist College for 20 years, as well as honor the legacy of the institution for its 95 continuous years.”

Dr. Phyllis Qualls looks on as Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris talk about the award.

 Students from ABC were in the audience, sporting their ABC tee shirts and showed their pride for the institution and the president.

Mondai Smiley, a freshman from Detroit, Michigan said, “It was truly an amazing time meeting Dr. Bobby Jones, who is such a well-known and important person and see him honor our president from ABC while still giving praise to God.” All the students were ecstatic about the event and experiencing a full taping of a program. “We can’t wait to see it on television,” said Mondai’s twin brother, Mondale Smiley.

In addition to President Harris’ honor, two students also received awards for their work. Because he was so impressed, Dr. Harris offered both of them scholarships to attend, ABC. Jovontae Chambers, a junior at East Magnet High School and Calise Hardy a senior at Whites Creed, both of Nashville.